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Launch & Support

Launch & Support

Understand your cash flow         Be more efficient

Launch & Support is our lowest cost bookkeeping service designed for individuals who:

  • Are starting a business
  • Already have a small business with modest but critical bookkeeping needs
  • Are self-employed contractors who need up-to-date records to avoid a year-end tax surprise

Launch & Support features

  • You receive discounted QuickBooks Online prices
  • We help you select the best QuickBooks Online module: Online essentials, Online plus, or Online with payroll
  • We help you create your Chart of Accounts and then we doublecheck to make sure your user setup is correct and complete
  • We help you link your QuickBooks Online account with your financial institutions so your bank transactions will download automatically into your QuickBooks system
  • We teach you how to enter receivables and bills
  • We answer your bookkeeping and accounting questions as they arise

After your QuickBooks Online system is up and running:

  • We review your transactions monthly to make sure they have been properly characterized
  • We reconcile your accounts monthly
  • We generate relevant reports and offer guidance
  • We send you weekly and monthly email reminders
  • You can always call our Help Desk when you have a question

The bottom line

Very Affordable! Launch and Support is a hybrid approach that saves you from being completely on your own while also saving you from the higher cost of a full charge bookkeeper. This frees up scarce dollars for other critical business needs

Avoid costly mistakes. Accurate and up-to-date books reduces the risk of bad financial decisions and inaccurate year-end tax reporting

Peace of mind. Call us whenever you have questions. You’ll never be left adrift and confused

Protect your business from fraud. Our monthly reconciliations will help you reduce the risk of theft and embezzlement

You stay focused. Rapid implementation and monthly assistance reduces distractions and frees you to focus on growth

You can plan for growth. Our reports can reveal planning opportunities and hazards

Stay in charge. You remain keenly aware of important metrics for your business

Become a better business owner. Because you remain involved with your books…

You gain a tremendous advantage in understanding your business as your finances become more complex;

You become better skilled in appreciating and managing critical cash flow;

You learn how to protect your business from risk of theft and embezzlement in the future.

Oh, we know you have questions!

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