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Top 10 Bookkeeper Embezzlement Excuses

Top 10 Bookkeeper embezzlement excuses 10. The casino said I would win. 9. Televangelist tithing ain’t cheap. 8. Baby needs a new pair of shoes, preferably purchased in Paris. 7. I put the “non” in non-profit. 6. If my boss hadn’t wanted me to steal, he wouldn’t have hired a…

Is it Time to Fire Your Bookkeeper?

Dissatisfaction with a bookkeeper typically falls into one of three categories: suspicion of fraud, incompetence, or changes in business staffing requirements. The last one—a change in needs—can occur because of business growth or setback, and while this reason is straightforward enough, it also is the least common rationale for termination….

What is a Forensic Reconstruction, Why Would You Need One, and How Can You Avoid One?

If you own a business and your financial records don’t add up, you may need a financial records reconstruction.  What exactly is a records reconstruction? Think of all of your business transactions as pieces of a very large puzzle. To have a clear picture of your business you have to…