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Top 10 Bookkeeper Embezzlement Excuses

Top 10 Bookkeeper embezzlement excuses

10. The casino said I would win.

9. Televangelist tithing ain’t cheap.

8. Baby needs a new pair of shoes, preferably purchased in Paris.

7. I put the “non” in non-profit.

6. If my boss hadn’t wanted me to steal, he wouldn’t have hired a crook.

5. A 1200% raise and I still can’t afford Burning Man tickets.

4. Take a gander at these new implants, big guy!

3. You call it fraud, I call it quantitative easing.

2. Candy is dandy, but cash gets me a whole lotta meth.

And the number one excuse why your bookkeeper is stealing you blind:

1. I was going to pay it back!

Fun fact: With the exception of number 3, (and we’ll leave the Federal Reserve to explain that one) all of these excuses were actually proffered by bookkeepers who were arrested for embezzlement.

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