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High Net-Worth Divorces

At Aho & Associates, we assist attorneys in reaching equitable distribution settlements by providing forensic examination services that can reveal concealed assets and income, transferred wealth, and other fraudulent activity.

A Fraught Reckoning of Accounts

Financial issues often dominate the dissolution agenda in a high net-worth divorce.  In these cases, it is not uncommon for one spouse to create an unfair advantage that can escalate to fraud, especially when:

  • that spouse has superior knowledge of the marital finances
  • there is a wide disparity of earnings between spouses
  • there is a business through which the spouse can hide or surreptitiously transfer marital assets
  • the marital finances are unusually complicated or are based on difficult-to-trace cash transactions.

In addition to conducting forensic examinations, Aho & Associates can determine whether the opposing spouse has produced incomplete or misleading financial information. And if a closely held business is to be valued as part of a settlement, we can work with business valuation experts to ensure that the financial statements and underlying documents used in the valuation process are not fraudulent or misstated.