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Trustee misconduct—Retained by parties’ attorneys to provide first and final accountings detailing whether a trustee for a series of family trusts may have embezzled or misappropriated trust assets. Our analysis revealed significant fiduciary abuses by the trustee and formed the basis for a mediated settlement between the parties.

Employee embezzlement and elder financial abuse—Retained by a property management company to determine whether the company and its elderly owner may have been victimized by the company’s bookkeeper. Our analysis revealed significant irregularities which merited our findings being turned over to local police for criminal investigation.

Elder financial abuse—Assisted vulnerable mother recover $40,000 from grown son who, over a period of three years, had opened credit cards in her name, used her ATM card, and placed his name on her checking accounts.

Embezzlement—Retained by majority of partners of a national beverage company to investigate whether another partner may have defrauded the company. Our financial forensic procedures revealed a series of thefts totaling in excess of $400,000 over three years. The partner was terminated and compelled to enter into a restitution agreement.

Due diligence—Retained by international lodging and property management company to determine whether, as part of an acquisition due diligence effort, the target company may have suffered an embezzlement at the hands of one of its key employees. Fortunately, we found no evidence of embezzlement. However, our financial forensic analysis revealed significant deficiencies with the internal controls of the target company.

Divorce—Retained by parties’ attorneys to provide accountings detailing complex transactions among three affiliated winery entities that were the subject of a bitter marital dissolution. These accountings were used as the basis for negotiating spousal support, ownership interests, and assignment of liabilities.

Elder financial vulnerability survey—Retained by daughter to reconstruct scattered and incomplete personal financial records of her elderly parents. Her father, who was a retired surgeon, and her mother suffered from mild dementia and were vulnerable to financial exploitation. Our reconstruction and vulnerability survey services provided the daughter with an accurate and comprehensive view of her parents’ financial profile while also revealing potential trouble spots that exposed the couple to financial abuse.

Reconstruction—Retained by the attorney for a frail widow who owned over $10 million in commercial income properties. We reconstructed voluminous and dated financial records of the family owned corporation that was part of an estate planning process complicated by family strife and substance abuse.