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What Can You Learn from a Painful Tax Season?

If the recent tax season caused major headaches, it’s natural to want to put the experience behind you as soon as possible. CPAs are quick to finish straightforward returns and set aside the thick, untidy folders stuffed with problems to tackle when their faculties are sharpest, or once an extension…


6 Signs Your Clients’ Financials Are “Pie in the Sky”

If the October Tax Deadline Uncovered a Mess, Consider Financial Forensic Reconstruction Now that the October tax extension filing deadline has passed, it’s time to think pie. No, not Thanksgiving pumpkin pie – but “pie in the sky” financial record-keeping that might have caused headaches when contending with the recent…


Five Steps to Hiring the Right Bookkeeper

Let’s take a test.  Come on!  It’ll be fun: Which of the following occupations are not subject to special California state licensing and mandated training? (a) Manicurist (b) Security guard (c) Bookkeeper (d) Automotive smog technician (e) Tattoo artist As tempting as it might be to choose (e) tattoo artist,…

Is it Time to Fire Your Bookkeeper?

Dissatisfaction with a bookkeeper typically falls into one of three categories: suspicion of fraud, incompetence, or changes in business staffing requirements. The last one—a change in needs—can occur because of business growth or setback, and while this reason is straightforward enough, it also is the least common rationale for termination….

What is a Forensic Reconstruction, Why Would You Need One, and How Can You Avoid One?

If you own a business and your financial records don’t add up, you may need a financial records reconstruction.  What exactly is a records reconstruction? Think of all of your business transactions as pieces of a very large puzzle. To have a clear picture of your business you have to…