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The Case of the Fictitious Vendor — how embezzlers use QuickBooks against you

It’s no secret that Intuit’s QuickBooks is the overwhelming choice of accounting software for American small and medium sized businesses.  QuickBooks desktop and online sibling command a combined 80 percent of this market, with Sage and others left to pick up the crumbs. Clearly, Intuit produces a product that business…


Cash Transactions Fraud: Is Theft Baked into Your Bake Sale?

How to Protect Cash Transactions Cash transactions are a major source of revenue for many organizations, from small retailers to bake sale fundraisers to the burgeoning cannabis industry. No PINs or ID checks are required, making transactions frictionless and convenient for buyers. But because it changes hands so easily, cash…


Mind Your (Small) Business: How to Segregate Duties in a Small Office

When it comes to employee fraud, small businesses and non-profits face unique challenges. Organizations with fewer than 100 employees are the most common victims of employee fraud, accounting for close to one in three reported cases. And because of limited resources, it can be difficult to institute the internal controls…

Is it Time to Fire Your Bookkeeper?

Dissatisfaction with a bookkeeper typically falls into one of three categories: suspicion of fraud, incompetence, or changes in business staffing requirements. The last one—a change in needs—can occur because of business growth or setback, and while this reason is straightforward enough, it also is the least common rationale for termination….